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Iftikhar Manzoor




I am a professional Pakistan-based travel blogger with expertise in trekking, backpacking, and photography. For destinations like PakistanThailand, and New Zealand, I write travel guides and itineraries for backpackers and nature travelers. I also give reviews about the best resources for hiking, camping, photography, and other activities.




A SOLO Traveller



For the past 20 years, I have traveled alone, getting to know the region and the people and learning about their culture in a manner that a typical visitor would not.






I’m passionate about all things narrative. Through a combination of my writing, photography, and videos, I like sharing travel adventures.


About Me


I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to focus on English extensively as a child while growing up in Gujrat, Pakistan, before enrolling in a software engineering degree at the University of Punjab in Lahore.
Like other Pakistanis, I changed careers after graduating from college and started working as an administrative assistant while trying to move up the corporate ladder like everyone else. Since we don’t have a civilization that is similar to that of voyaging in the west, and since I was earning just about 600 USD per month at the time, I had never dreamed of living a life of travel.


My Objectives


My major objective for ObizNature.com is to assist you in organizing your vacation and reduce the burden of doing so while also serving as a resource for travel information where you can learn from my prior experiences and failures. This way, you may enjoy your trip to the fullest.


On the other hand, my own travel objectives are much more straightforward:



to travel to every country in the world.
to shoot travel videos for each and every country I visited.



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% About Me

Deeply Committed

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