About Me

I am a professional Pakistan-based travel blogger with expertise in trekking, backpacking, and photography. For destinations like PakistanThailand, and New Zealand, I write travel guides and itineraries for backpackers and nature travelers. I also give reviews about the best resources for hiking, camping, photography, and other activities.

I am passionate about all things narrative. Through a combination of my writing, photography, and videos, I like sharing travel adventures.

% About Me

I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to focus on English extensively as a child while growing up in Gujrat, Pakistan, before enrolling in a software engineering degree at the University of Punjab in Lahore.
Like other Pakistanis, I changed careers after graduating from college and started working as an administrative assistant while trying to move up the corporate ladder like everyone else. Since we don’t have a civilization that is similar to that of voyaging in the West, and since I was earning just about 600 USD per month at the time, I had never dreamed of living a life of travel.

For the past 20 years, I have traveled alone, getting to know the region and the people and learning about their culture in a manner that a typical visitor would not.